Our success stories and statistics

"Angie, 15 years old, scared and hungry walked into the Health  Department asking for a free pregnancy test.  She thought that if she thought she was pregnant it would at least get her inside the air conditioned building for a little while."

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Some of the comments written by residents of Alternative House upon leaving:

"Here they understand you. It is very safe. Everything was great."
"I love everybody and I really don’t want to leave. I’m going to miss everybody."
"Alternative House took me in and helped me."
"It helped me with a lot of problem-solving."
"They helped me realize that running wasn’t the right way to solve problems."
"It really got me to understand I need to look at myself differently."

Since our inception in 1971, over a quarter-million people have received services via one of the Crisis Center's programs.

Year-end Statistics from '15:

1,086 calls were received by the staff of our Crisis Contact hotline.
2582 referrals were made to caller.
418 Alternative House family members received free counseling services by our M.S.W. trained counselors while the youth was at Alternative House.
280 new youth intakes came to Alternative House, 1,150 tutoring, and 9,095 recreation hours were spent by residents.  Follow-up indicates that 88% of youth are going to school; 12% receive counseling; 2% had a job; 54% lived at home or with relatives; 29% were in a foster home; 25% in a group home.
151 youth or 48% of the youth at Alternative House entered through Safe Place or Safely Home and they were runaways or homeless. 125 Teen Court youth were judged by their peers, 179 parents participated with their child.  As a result of sentencing, the total number of youth volunteer hours was 1,340.

Former residents of our shelter have gone on to become authors, professional athletes, soldiers, business owners, Ph.D's, and a few have even returned to work for us.
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